Sep 01 2011

September Horoscope

by Monica Smith

This lunar month sees the New Moon in the earthly sign of Virgo; it brings our attention to the practical aspects of every day life, and to the care we have to put in what we are doing in order to achieve what we want. 

It has been a very active summer under all aspects and probably even the most ordinary holidays this year ended up with some unexpected change of plans. We are still under lot of pressure, trying to understand where all these changes will take us and if at all they will eventually get us on the right track—the one that will allow us to manifest our qualities and visions.

The chart of this lunation has a Grand Earth Trine: the Sun-Moon conjunct Venus, trine Jupiter in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a potent time for materializing our wishes.

The house in our charts in which the New Moon in Virgo falls will be the area that gains from this celestial configuration and it will require a considered and practical approach. This will be the month for harvesting the fruits of all our efforts; this will imply more work before finally seeing manifest results.

Therefore this is a crucial time when we will have to make adjustments, attend to paper work, and above all, set our priorities.

Virgo is a sign of methodical approach to everything in life; since the sign is ruled by Mercury, careful thinking and following precise procedures is important in the following weeks. The good news is that we can count on a lot of energies and material resources to invest in our projects. 

Jupiter will be retrograde for the next four months, representing a span of time during which it will be necessary to revise our long term plans, especially considering the fact that our belief system would undergo a period of deep rethinking. 

This will be a very important task if our projects are big and complex to realize; for those of us caught in changes bigger than ourselves, it will be necessary to evaluate our personal points of view before acting. 

In the next future it will be crucial for all of us to develop the ability to take multiple perspectives on any situation in which we are involved, job, family, relationships: we can’t ignore the others any more. 

With Pluto in Capricorn, social, political and economic structures can still be expected to undergo vital and radical transformations, due to the conflicts and challenges created by emerging new form of governing and living in the global community.

 Venus in Virgo conjunct the New Moon. This might give us the desire to be part of this order yet to be born; the maturity of our value system will make all the difference to what we will attract in our life. With all this emphasis on the tangible dimensions of reality, we should ask ourselves how we could contribute in a concrete way to the imminent new order.  We have seen how the elements in which the zodiacal signs are divided, reflect different ways to describe and understand what is real, and how this depends on our worldview and on our subjective notions of reality. Any one of these points of view is described as a tangible “materia prima”, the fundamental building block of reality.  This fragmented nature of reality is the key to understanding others. 

It is interesting to notice how in all ages in the art world the artists where the ones who researched the concept of perspective; the way it was used or not used, was depending on the worldview, which was intended to be represented. It is not that in early times the artists weren’t aware that distant objects could be shown smaller than those close by, but they didn’t have interest in developing further this idea. The use of perspective is a skill that refines our awareness of reality and also defines our relation with reality. The techniques evolved when the need to express something that only perspective could express emerged.

When Giotto, Piero della Francesca and then Leonardo da Vinci, started to study and develop those techniques it was because not only were people important but equally important was where and when their stories were taking place, and landscape became a meaningful means to put thing in a context. Perspective continued to fascinate artists until the beginning of the 19th century, when modern art brought it a step farther into the unknown territory of the psyche. At this point the interest for perspective didn’t dissolve, as one might think, but changed and became descriptive of a psychological, subjective, inner landscape.

Where is the perspective headed next? 

Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, has always been seen having the agency to expand our worldview (travel, philosophy, spirituality), to help us transcend our preconceptions by making us consider different perspectives. Jupiter’s present trine with Pluto greatly adds intensity, depth and a sense of inevitability to the widening of perspective, while the trine with Moon Sun and Venus, suggests that this powerful expansion tends to be very individualized. 

The Lunation is in opposition to Chiron in Pisces conjunct to Neptune retrograde in Aquarius. This is a phase in which we all need to be aware of the limits of our grand visions; it is tempting to avoid facts and realities, but we could risk could being overwhelmed by our emotions. Mars in Cancer indicates our heightened tendency to be very protective of our loved ones and of what we consider to be the source of shelter and nourishment. Mars squares Saturn in Libra, it is there to remind us the delicate balance that exists between rights and duties. 

In the background of all this we see the long lasting Pluto-Uranus square, mirroring the edginess that characterizes this period. Uranian thirst for freedom and Plutonian need for power aren’t easy to manifest in a constructive way. Instead of using power to control the fears that arise from the “call for freedom,” we need to find our way to recognize the “power of freedom.”  

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