Nov 03 2011

November Horoscope

by Monica Smith

With the New Moon in Scorpio the next three weeks are an ideal time to explore the less-frequented zones of our selves and see how far we are ready to go in order to unveil the sources of our fear and anxiety, to look at them and expose them to the light of consciousness so that they can slowly dissolve.

Scorpio is about “letting go”: to strip off all the unnecessary defense mechanisms that protect us and to look through all the emotional barriers we use as protection against our fears, wounds and pains, which are consequences of disillusionment.

It’s a gut feeling that guides us; there are no explicit or rational reasons, only submerged feelings—a mix of desires and fears. It is a powerful sensation, and a sensation of power that can overwhelm us if we resist it, but that can make us stronger if we face it.

Therefore trust is the key word in these situations, because in order to leave the more familiar territory of our self for the unknown, we need to trust our feelings, to understand that there is more than what meets the eye, and that, we have only to commit to our true self for our lives to be more full and satisfying.

Scorpio New Moon corresponds with the Indian festival of Diwali, the celebration of light that occurs just when the nights start to be longer than the days; it is a festival in which candles, fireworks and campfires illuminate the night. Similar festivals are taking place all over the world; these traditions remind us that we should not go in to the depths and the dark without a light to illuminate the path. This little lamp of awareness will help us to shed light on the way to unknot tensions and fears, to discover hidden treasures and long-buried, locked-away life energies.

The opposition of the New Moon in Scorpio to Jupiter in Taurus points to the need to examine how our lives and our society are founded on the idea that we can expand on the material level forever; that we can exploit ourselves and others, to become richer and richer and consume forever more. On the contrary, what we need is to acknowledge the balancing power of letting go, of releasing, and of honoring the necessity of cyclically being able to liberate energies from obsolete forms and restrictive boundaries.

Scorpio helps us to become comfortable with what makes us uncomfortable. One way to achieve this is to be aware of what frightens us. We should invite death to the banquet as they do in Mexico, India and Tibet, and dance with the skeletons, as in traditions where gods and goddesses wear skull-necklaces to declare their victory over the demons of the ego.

Our society is in such denial of death that we think we will be able to go from life to inner-life, to an extended reality, to a virtual reality—without acknowledging death’s passage. But in this way there is no rebirth, no renewal, and no regeneration. We have forgotten that in the underworld realm lives the “old wise woman”—Hekate is one of her names. She is a three-faced goddess who rules crossroads, passages, doors and liminal spaces; she is the one who teaches us about the circle of life, the wheel of birth, death and rebirth.

The lunation trine Neptune Chiron conjunction, shows us and our society, how healing can derive from respect of the natural unfolding of the life process that enables us to appreciate and honor life, respect others and, instead of encouraging feelings of victimization, to cultivate compassion and acceptance.

The odd phase in this lunation lies in the quincunxes with Uranus, which subvert rules, bring unforeseen changes and desire transgression. Creative brainstorming, invention and sudden brilliant ideas are the way out, so let them in—do not be shy. With the kick of the Uranian spirit we are more open to unconventional solutions and experiences.

The next Moon cycle in Sagittarius will be about traveling those new territories, which we will disclose by accepting to move into the unknown… but this is another story. 

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