Aug 07 2012

Bookmark: Yao Chung-han

by The Contributing Artist

For Bookmark, ArtAsiaPacific invites an artist to spotlight some of their online sources of inspiration. This week we asked Yao Chung-han.

The work of Taiwanese artist Yao Chung-han bridges sound art, performance and installation. Initially experimenting with ambient sounds such as in By Train in 5 Minutes (2005), in which a train is heard accelerating from 0 to 80 km per hour in five minutes, Yao has since developed complex, interactive installations, using computer software to manipulate fluorescent lights, speakers and lasers. Recent works, including I Will Be Broken (2012) and The Universe of Harmony (2011) can be viewed on the artist’s Vimeo page.

Speaking on his selection of bookmarks, Yao says, “I really like seeing strange or weird things. Such as watching the clip of a boxing match, then eventually music starts, someone sings, and it becomes a weird sort of music video. It might be the establishment of a strange order, and then its deconstruction; or a paranoiac, yet completely earnest exploration of the world.”

1. Best of Genki Sudo

3. Roboting the Humanity

5. Qu8k – High Altitude Rocket On-board Video

2. World Order

4. Alofaaga Blowholes