Jun 08 2011

Bookmark: Aki Sasamoto

by The Contributing Artist

1. McMaster-Carr’s website

The size and material descriptions on the McMaster-Carr website are neatly organized and the pictures are beautiful. I like browsing the site and dreaming about ordering different kinds of hooks and building materials from this company, even when I don’t have any projects planned.  

3. Video of a sphere turning inside out:

This animation made clear to me a solution to this puzzle. I appreciate when a complex concept gets visualized. I especially like the original drawings of the solution that appear halfway through the footage.

5. Sullivan Street Bakery’s website:

Devotion for baking represents self-discipline and labor, which I fear I lack in myself. So I visit this site to see pictures of good bread, seek bread recipes and dream about the impossible scenario of becoming a bakery owner. Seeing these pictures sends me to heaven—just remembering the experience of eating them.

2. Footage from BBC’s “Planet Earth” about fungi in the jungle

Time-lapsed, high-definition shots of mushroom growth display vivid colors and the finest geometry. I have always been fascinated with Cordyceps. The images of new life coming out of dead insects’ bodies are fascinatingly haunting.

4. Tyson knockout youtube videos

Tyson’s punches are so strong and attractive that they motivate me to get stronger myself. I admire the deadly fighting technique of heavyweight boxing.  

* Bookmark is an ongoing web project where artists are invited to share a few of their inspirations found on the web.

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