Jun 09 2011

Book Blog: A Visual Culture of Modern Iran

by Sahar Baharloo

If there is one thing I learned from my father about being Iranian is that our culture is both ancient and modern at the same time. Graphic design is the perfect visual form to show this tension. Since it targets the public, good design usually references something that everyone already understands, but is still fresh enough to grab their attention.

Iran’s tension between the old and the new is beautifully illustrated through the work of many of the nation’s contemporary graphic designers, and is the topic of this week’s Book Blog. About five years ago, Dutch graphic designer Hans Wolbers met Iranian designer Reza Abedini (one of my personal favorites), and together they made A New Visual Culture of Modern Iran.

Works by Behzad Javanbakht (2002) and Mehdi Saeedi (2001).

Photographic works by Peyman Hoshmandzadeh (2003).

Both works by Mehdi Saeedi.

Work by Reza Abedini.

I love this. This is a hairdresser’s portfolio. Sometimes the best design is created by accident.

Illustrations for a newspaper (2003-04) by Siavosh Fani.

Awesome endpapers.

Front and back covers.

If you are interested in seeing more work by Reza Abedini, his website is a good place to start. I also suggest looking at Hans Wolbers’ site. He is still doing interesting projects with Abedini.

Book Blog is a weekly showcase of book design from ArtAsiaPacific’s areas of coverage and is written by AAP’s designer Sahar Baharloo. All images were taken by our photo editor Alis Atwell.

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