Nov 25 2020

Artstrology: Sagittarius 2020, Connecting with Your Inner Child

by Pamela Wong

Illustration by Tiffany Tam for ArtAsiaPacific.

After a year of stagnation, things are finally going to move. December 2020 marks the end of Saturn’s two-year-long journey in the sign of Capricorn (associated with a massive reshuffling of power and social structures), and together with Jupiter, both planets are moving into Aquarius, bringing us surprising changes and inspiring us to adapt in revolutionary ways. With Mars going direct in Aries as we enter Sagittarius season, the combined energy of these two fire signs will help us get out of this swamp of immobility and inaction.

Sagittarius energy is invigorating and exciting. Known for their quick movements and fiery drive, Sagittarians are symbolized by the centaur, which is adventurous, wild, and adulterous. People born under this sign are typically carefree and dislike being weighed down by responsibilities, hence their reputation for being thoughtless or flaky. They can actually be focused and committed, but it is important for them to have the freedom to explore. When they find their true passion, they are eager to learn and can become specialists in their chosen field. This desire for knowledge is why Sagittarius is the sign associated with philosophy and travel. Sagittarius artist Lam Tung Pang, whose multimedia practice draws on his deep knowledge of Chinese art and literature, asserted his creative freedom in an interview  with ArtAsiaPacific, stating: “Our generation faced less nationalistic pressure than our predecessors, who felt they had to preserve and promote traditional Chinese culture. I choose my media according to my own preference instead of my nationality.” Lam demonstrates his unique approach to tradition and folk culture in Image-coated (2019), a multimedia installation that compares Hong Kong’s quest for a local identity with the legend of the mermaid Lou Ting. Landscape in operation (2018), an ink, charcoal, and acrylic depiction of giant surgeons dissecting a mountain, borrows from the complex, layered perspectives of traditional ink painting, while also showcasing his childlike imagination.

Sagittarians are often drawn to fantasy and childhood, as seen in Yoshitomo Nara’s consistent fascination with youthful subjects. Unaffected by the external world, the children in his paintings are often naughty, defiant, or even threatening, with cunning smiles or knives in their hands. As Nara explained to Berlin Art Link: “Childhood was when I was not receptive to outside influence or knowledge, when I was not self-conscious of how others would react, and when I could live truthfully . . . I have come to yearn for my childhood when I would cry out loud, laugh, and leap as I wished.”

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of fortune and success, Sagittarians are generally blessed with good luck, which is why they may be tempted to gamble. You may enjoy a boost of courage and optimism, but remember not to abuse or squander your blessings. Use the energy of Sagittarius season to get “unstuck” and act swiftly in pursuit of your goals.

This article is written for entertainment purposes only.

Pamela Wong is ArtAsiaPacific’s assistant editor.

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