Mar 23 2020

Artstrology: Aries 2020, Brave Heart

by Pamela Wong

Illustration by Renee Li for ArtAsiaPacific

If the first Mercury retrograde of 2020 facilitated anything for me, it was the much-needed chance to stop and reflect, clarifying my vision to prepare for upcoming challenges—2020 is sure to be a year of battles on both personal and political levels. And while March 10 saw the end of Mercury’s seemingly backwards motion, communications will continue to be hindered until the planet officially leaves Pisces on April 11. Watch out for what and how you speak. Aries is going to make things spicy.

Among the group of self-motivated cardinal signs, Aries is the fire sign that deals with the idea and direct expression of “self.” The actions and words of Aries are loud—they function with a simple, straightforward mindset, with the momentum to initiate plans and actualize thoughts. A vast number of artists were born under this sign. Among them is Yayoi Kusama. The qualities of Aries are almost impossible to ignore in Kusama’s bright red wig, the expressiveness of her works, and the innovative approach she adopted even when she was rejected by mainstream Japanese society. Like most Aries who are often accused of being selfish, inconsiderate, impulsive, and blunt, she was once considered a shame to her family because of her nudity in her own works. 

As the first zodiac sign, the beginning of Aries marks the spring equinox. As such Aries is considered the source of creativity, and is also often associated with passion, youth, courage, and innovations. Aries season brings an overflow of energy, with events and parties busying our feet—at least, this is usually the case when the world isn’t fighting off a new mysterious virus with quarantines and other precautionary measures. Therefore, even in the face of this threat, we see people devising new ways to connect with others, such as the online collaborative campaign Art Power HK. It is still the season when people tend to sow seeds for the year ahead, start afresh, or embark on a new enterprise. 

Notably, on March 22, Saturn will walk into Aquarius, which is associated with technology and inventions, giving us a taste of the next two and a half years. The last time Saturn was here it was 1991—the same year the world wide web was born. With Aquarius’s ruler Uranus in Taurus (the sign connected with money), the friction between these two major planets will revolutionize the markets and structures of the financial world, mainly through an advance in technology. I’m placing my bets on video conferencing program Zoom, as well as virtual art experiences that can boost online sales, especially now under a global pandemic.

Until then, be prepared to stand up and defend your loved ones, as the battle with disease and rapacious sociopolitical systems is likely to intensify entering the third week of March. After all, Aries represents the ruler of Mars, reminding us and demonstrating to us the spirit of heroism and the courage to tackle our deepest fears.

This article is written for entertainment purposes only.

Pamela Wong is ArtAsiaPacific’s assistant editor; Renee Li is a design intern.

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